BLASPHEMIC READING SOIRÉE #29: Animals, Parks & Recreation

Thursday 6 July 6, 18.30

Meeting point: Entrance Tierpark Lange Erlen, Erlenparkweg 110, 4058 Basel

For the last Blasphemic reading soirée before the summer break, we will meet at Tierpark Lange Erlen to delve into the complicated relationship we share with the nonhuman members of our animalic family. In our beds, on our minds, behind bars, on grill bars in summer — is the concept of justice even useful to think about how we live with, of, and as animals?

We’ll take this question as a starting point, reading and discussing excerpts from philosopher Martha Nussbaum’s ‘Justice for Animals’ and getting further input from our partner in crime Pascale Hutter.  She has been interested in environmental issues and animals from an early age and went to study biology at the University of Zurich. Pascale works in an eco office in Baselland is committed to bat protection in her free time.
In addition to the reading, we will practice a performative score in relation to the non-human animals around us. The score is specially designed for the occasion by Krõõt Jurak and Alex Bailey, the artists behind Performances for Pets.

The soirée starts at 18:30, and is followed by an easy season finale barbecue by river Wiese. We’ll provide fire and beer with and without alcohol. Please bring your own blanket and what you’d like to eat/put on the grill. Plant based food is encouraged for this occasion.

ACCESSIBILITY: The reading is held in English and German. Tierpark Lange Erlen is wheelchair accessible. The barbecue by the river does not have optimal wheelchair access, but we are happy to assist with mobility if wished for.


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